Beef & Veal - Fish


Sirloin steak  £16.00
Served with potatoes.

Vitello crema e funghi   £13.95
Veal escalopes with cream and mushroom sauce served with peas

Saltimbocca alla Romana   £13.95
Sauted Veal escalopes, topped with 18 months matured prosciutto crudo and sage served with peas.

Ruck of lamb   £16.50
Served with salad and potatoes.

Vitello alla milanese   £13.95
Deep fried veal escalope with breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti napoli.

Vitello alla Pizzaiola   £13.95
Veal escalopes with tomato sauce and capers, served with French beans.

Pollo val dostana   £13.95
Chicken breast topped with melted cheese, tomato sauce served with vegetables.



Calamari alla griglia   £10.95
Char-grilled squid with fresh red chili, rocket and cherry tomatoes.

Guazzetto di pescatrice e gamberoni   £17.95
Monkfish and king prawns, served with tomato sauce and shallots.

Trancio di tonno scottato in padella   £16.95
Seared tuna served with chili and extra virgin olive oil, served with fried courgettes.

Spigola alla griglia   £17.95
Whole char-grilled sea-bass with extra virgin olive oil and herbs, served with French fried.